So this is a tour of our workout room. It’s a totally do it yourself kind of hybrid a lot of climbing stuff but also a little bit crossfit stuff. We got tired of going to the gym that wasn’t really paying the gym membership so we didn’t like so much but just a whole idea like needing to go somewhere to exercise the one of the first things that built with the simple set of climbing rocks and functions are like a hang board but with multiple holds and these are just at rocks that i actually bought on eBay I’m I got a box of these and I set them up here and as you can see this is just a piece of plywood and then there’s a little bit of space back behind here so you can actually get to the little bracket that these bolts me to screw in that after building the rock hang board I went ahead and built this big ol pegboard I built this guy with a single sheet of plywood I ripped the long way and then a double over on itself so it’s it’s double thickness plywood and then there’s a backer piece of really thin plywood on the back and I just drill those holes out by hand and made these pegs with an oak dowel rod and then just kind of sanded them down on the ends make them fit in the holes whoo on the pegboard it made sense to actually hang a hang board and I picked this up on amazon you know there’s a bunch of different hand boards and basically what it is is just a climbing tool and you know they’re big rips up here and then smaller fingertips here.

You can actually hang via friction from the top then this is the climbing wall you can see that it’s a little bit narrow I just had to sort of figure out a way to fit this in the room and I had this the beam up here so i went with the slope of that beam these are more of those holds that showed you on the rock wall kind of big ol hole and I have some little holds that i bought on also on ebay these guys want to really test you just very very small holds and then up at the top of the climbing wall after a year or two I actually added a bar and this is just a safety like shower bar it actually does two things one is that you can kind of reach it get up here at the top and do if you pull ups off the top or you can top rope off it and then over here we’ve got a punching bag and the other side we’ve got the rope lines really nothing more than some rope with knots in it and then a bunch of dowel rods that have a hole drilled on either end and what it allows you to do is more sort of dynamic upper body work so you know as you’re moving up it the rope ladder is moving and swinging and you never kind of fix like a fixed bar.


I love that you can also take off a lot of weight with your feet so you can get your feet on there and take up some way to climate and the rope ladder as you can see kind of goes up into the loft and then anchors up on the ceiling so you end up pretty high at so then i saw on fine bunch of people and with what I call the atomic holes and so I made a couple of these guys and these are just baseball’s as you can see with an eye bolt that goes through him drill hole in the baseball put the eye bolt through and connected to some kind of webbing and we have been here in the middle of the loft and I’ve got a set of these that are baseball size and asset that our softball sized they started require you when you’re doing pull-ups instead of holding like this to actually reach over the top to do some good for on stuff all right now i’m currently hanging here red mare right in the middle of the room is this I do it yourself dream machine and this is kind of cool normally I just have a regular set of gymnastics rings hanging right here but this dream machine what you do is you harness yourself in and the ropes actually go to a couple of pulleys and it allows you to sort of i go through the motions of some muscle ups and other gymnastic work like the Iron Cross and the one-armed iron cross the dream machine is cool it’s right here in the middle and i’ll probably end up putting back my regular gymnastics rings just because they’re great and I love him and then similar to the rope ladder this dream machine just that hangs all the way up there from the top beams you know I resisted the idea of buying special hooks or bolts or anything like that so those are just a couple of pieces of wood that’s actually an old shovel handle a couple pieces of a shovel handle screwed into those two by fours up top and that’s the connection for the dream machine and the gymnastic rings that hang right down here.

And then right next to those gymnastics rings you can see I’ve got a rope hanging in and once again I didn’t go to any big expense to hang it I just got a piece of pipe and bolted it to the ceiling with some big ol deck screws at the climbing rope has just been awesome in addition to climbing it there’s just so much other work you can do so I’m not the only one who sometimes does like partial hangs switching from hand to hand and things like that and it should go without saying that the climbing rope is really fun to swing on whoa so it was actually the first thing I ever put in this loft was a chin-up bar and then I i started like the within minutes I replace it with this one and this is just black pipe that i bought at a home depot and you can see i just got a couple elbows and bolted it again with big ol deck screws into the wall here i put a piece of plywood down first so i want you to wreck the drywall too badly I’m sure the drive was a little messed up we do have a traditional chin up bar here in the doorway not only can you just do straight up chin-ups on it but since that wall is over there you can actually go and put your feet on that wall and I’m do upright rows will have a little collection of weights and some do-it-yourself weights these are both basketballs filled with sand we just cut a hole in those filled with sand and duct tape them up and those are awesome for throwing up against the pegboard there’s an ab roller there that somebody sent me that I do tend to use and it’s pretty awesome and a few kettlebells so the room was really coming together.

i still didn’t have a way to do dips I was doing them on two chairs and I just didn’t like that so I put together this setup that will show you kind of hidden back in this bookcase I got a couple pieces of pipe again at home depot this is fence post pipe and it was cheap one big old piece of it didn’t cost me too much and cut these off and i just put a few rackets back inside my shelf here this this end up being one of the best things in the whole workout room it not only works as a dip set up but you can also do some your ab work and my wife likes to just use a single bar and she’ll do some rolling on this and come down and I just take them out i’m not using them so that nobody runs into him and then a couple of things we got that are more climbing related this is a big old crash pad and I tend to put underneath the climbing wall especially if one of the kids is up there climbing on that guys don’t hurt themselves and then I usually keep para climbing shoes at the handy I always climb the rope with these guys and obviously the climbing wall when i’m using my feet and I’ve got a bunch of grip strength tools here I did not buy these people send me these to review so I’m not some kind of grip strength order so that is the full tour of the workout room whatever space you have you do your own thing and we obviously just did everything here to make it fit with the space and the high ceiling and all the stuff that we have and the kind of exercise we want to do so you know a lot of people they’re building big squat racks and powerlifting racks like do it up if you liked the video give it a thumbs up down there subscribe to the channel and obviously make comments down below in the comments section and i will respond to them right away thanks for watching

DIY Home Gym Workout Room For Climbing, Crossfit & Gymnastics

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