Thinking of setting up a home gym?  This article will provide you with some great home gym ideas to get you started in the right direction.

What is better than getting in a fantastic workout without driving anywhere, paying monthly fees, and being surrounded by a crowd? Nothing, if you’re in the comfort of your own home. Start investing to build your own gym.

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Space and Atmosphere Are Two Important Components.

When deciding on the space to build your home gym, it is ideal to make sure it has a door and mirror. To avoid interruptions, having a door to shut is beneficial. It may be necessary to purchase a stereo so that music can block out any unwanted noise.

Having at least one full-length mirror is important and helpful while working out. Not only does it serve as a motivator to show what muscles are being targeted and which ones need to be, but it can affirm whether your form is correct as well.

Equipment to Purchase: Now that there’s a space picked out, it’s time to think about what home gym equipment needs to be purchased. Although the type of equipment depends on an individual’s goals, some pieces are beneficial for everyone. Here are some ideas:
●    Yoga/Floor Mat
●    Set of Dumbbells
●    Stability/Exercise Ball
●    Resistance Bands
●    A form of cardio: Treadmill or Elliptical Machine (or both!)

Yoga/Floor Mats…

A soft, cushioned mat is crucial for any workout. Not only does it provide an area for stretching and relaxing, but it provides a cushion for floor workouts and can also be placed under a machine that may need some stability.

A Set of Dumbbells…

These are a must-have in every home gym. Dumbbells serve more than one function, yet are relatively small in size, inexpensive and interchangeable. They help develop and improve balance and stability, while building muscle and strength as well.

There are multiple kinds of dumbbells, but PowerBlocks are one type that are adjustable and cost-effective. With any type of dumbbells, be sure to have a range of weights.

Stability/Exercise Balls…

Stability balls are great tools for everyone. They are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment since they are used for a wide range of physical purposes. Since they require the whole body to use multiple muscle groups, they are great additions to many exercises such as Pilates, ab workouts and lifting weights. While working out, the ball challenges you to maintain good posture, and balance.

Resistance Bands…

These lightweight and easy to use bands can get any strength workout in. They can be used as a substitute for dumbbells to add resistance, and alternative routines. Resistance bands can simply be strapped on a door or table. Bands are great for squats, pull-ups, and standing chest presses.

There are many different types of resistance bands, differing in length, resistance level, and more advanced workouts. Some of the more advanced bands cost a bit more but, are worth it for a phenomenal workout and great results.

Treadmills and Elliptical Machines…

Although necessary for every workout, cardio is something different for everyone. Everyone has different preferences such as pace, speed, and ability. Treadmills offer people the ability to customize their run such as feeling, pace and speed options, and the types of rates it tells you. If harsh winters and unsafe routes prohibit people from going on a daily run, treadmills are a fantastic investment.

While running may not be someone’s personal favorite cardio activity, biking may be. There are elliptical and stationary bike machines available that provide a great cardio workout. These machines offer a wide range of customization including type of trail, resistance, and pace. These machines are compact and very essential to achieving remarkable results all in your own home.

Home Gym Ideas

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