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  • Structure upper body strength -To target the back muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscle, and pectoral muscle. Likewise Developing waist strength
  • Fits most door frames - It extends from 24-Inch to 39-Inch. Totally adjustable to fit most doorways.Removable hand grips
  • -The non slip foam grips make it simple to grip. The broad hand grips permits you to hands to whatever position you want.The foam grips are fantastic and reduce the hard skin callouses that directly metal bars cause.Protect entrance-Don't need hole entrance, the bar works by rotation until the sides compress against the sides of the doorway.Safety bar -It consists of 3 sets of door frame brackets. Please put the screws tightly if you require more
  • protection. %% %Specification: Material: stainless-steel Size: 3cm Length: 24Inch to 39Inch The diameter of hand grip is 3cm,
  • it fits all hand. You can utilize it in between two concrete walls. How to use
    it? Step 1: repair
    the rubber-limiter with screw on the door frame. Action 2: turning the bar clockwise till the end of bar is pushing tight against the frame of your

    door. Note: 1. please check and make certain that bar is fixed tightiy prior to you make the exercise.2.
    Please remove from doorway when not in use.

Sale Price: $30.00
Price: $15.00
(as of 05/14/2018 02:47 UTC - Details)

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Physport Doorway Pull Up Chin up Bar for Home Gym

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