This is The 10’s Beginner Workout. Basically, over the course of the last four or five months, I’ve had a lot of people ask me for a beginners workout. Basically, a plan for someone who’s never started working out doesn’t have a gym, doesn’t even have weights, so just body weight stuff. And this is great for people who either just wanna start seeing their muscles increase, you know start getting like a little bit of some definition so you can get excited to go into the gym or for people who need to lose some fat cause you could do this as a cardio thing and lose a lot of fat over the course of a couple months doing this consistently. So, I’m going to take you into the first exercise right now. So the first exercise that we’re gonna start with is pushups. Now, if you have the ability to you’re gonna do full-form pushups.

But if you don’t have the ability to push yourself up 10 times then you’re just going to do it from your knees. So instead of from your toes you’re doing it from your knees. So it’s 10 pushups.

All the way down. Make sure that you’re contracting your chest. You’re feeling your triceps engaged. I like to keep my elbows flared in, not flared in, tucked in instead of keeping them flared out like this. About 10. I think that was eleven, but we’re about 10.

Then we’re moving on to the next exercise. So the second exercise we’re going to do is really actually to get your heart rate going and it’s going to be burpees. You know what these are, but I’ll show you them anyway. Basically, start standing, come down, push your legs back, and come back up. And because this is a 10’s workout, of course, we’re doing ten of these. (upbeat music) Woohoo, now we’re going on to the third exercise. Alright, so now we’re doing the third exercise and this third exercise is going to be focusing on your leg muscles instead of cardio. So what we are going to do is alternating lunges.

Each time you come up on both sides is one. So you need to do ten of those. When you do these you wanna to extend your foot as far as you can forward and comfortably land on it. Not hard like I just did. Land with your heel, come down, push through your knee through your heel as you come back up and push back. This should be sort of, you should feel your quads, your hamstrings and your glutes engaged because you’re pushing yourself back instead of when you’re doing a walking lunge forward. So 10 of these. (upbeat music) And now we move on to the last exercise of the 10’s workout.

Alright, so as you can see I’m already starting to sweat a little bit (buzz) so this is pretty hard cardio for anyone, especially if you have a little extra weight to throw around. And, you like my model pose? This last exercise is going to be for your abs. It’s kinda a crunch but it’s like my own style. So this is what we are going to do. 10 of these of course. Lay down flat. You’re going to bring your knees up as you bring your torso up. So it’s just like this. Your hands are extended straight to keep your balance. Just like that. All the way up. All the way down. Keeping your shoulder blades off of the ground, and your heels off the ground so that you’re abs are constantly engaged. We’re going to do ten of these. (upbeat music) Whew, okay, so I’m pretty sweaty, I’m pretty worked up. My heart beat’s going pretty fast. This is a great exercise really for anyone that’s starting out, really needs to get a base, just start doing something. This is great because you can recycle this and you can do this as much as you want.

Also, if you’re ever on the road and you can’t do anything, you know you don’t have a gym that you can go to, you can definitely do this. Just to do a little bit of something, some maintenance work. So you just saw the four exercises that we did for 10 reps each. Once you’ve done each of those one time that is one interval. Basically, if you’re just starting, you haven’t done anything in your life do one interval. But you know, kinda judge how you feel you can handle, and then every time you work out with this try to, try to do another interval if you think you can. If you think you can handle it do another interval, and work your way up until you can do this you know 15 times no problem, because by that point you could walk into a gym, and you know you could handle things. You’d have a little bit of musculature. You’d know a little bit more about your body. Plus, if you’re someone who is a little bit obese this is a great way to lose fat, kinda get some confidence in yourself, realize what you’re doing, realize how to exercise and then you can come to a gym, and just be completely comfortable.

So there you go, guys! You all asked me to make a beginner workout. I know there are a lot of people that follow me that aren’t even into fitness you know so this is a great way to kinda segue you guys into that. And if you have any questions about this workout, or any questions about anything really leave them in the comments below. You know I’ll answer ’em. It may take me a few days but I’ll definitely get there.

Thank you guys for checking out the video. I appreciate all the love and support. Please leave a like and comment if you haven’t already, and if you’re not subscribed please do that. Team Beyond the Weak, Lift Heavy or Die Mirin. (upbeat music).

The 10’s Beginner Workout (Body Weight Only)

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